IBM Planning Analytics Review

Last week on the Infocube website we reviewed IBM Planning Analytics, otherwise known as hosted TM1, or TM1 in the Cloud, or SaaS TM1.  We covered things like:

  • What is it
  • Using Perspectives and Guided Exploration with Planning Analytics
  • Visualisations
  • Uploading Data and Security
  • Why would you use it
  • Inclusion of Cognos BI
  • Licencing for Existing TM1 Users
  • Where to from here

We think it is a pretty good blog post and thought we should post a link to it here as well. So here is the link to the Infocube review of IBM Planning Analytics!


The definitive guide to TM1 Security with examples

Security in TM1 is one of those things that can make a TM1 administrator go crazy over new requirements or over setting up a new user. Things do not get better with reading the documentation, which does not cover all aspects or the security inner workings. In the following post, the TM1 security is peeled layer-by-layer starting from the very basics of cube security and finished with multi-layer multi-group security setup. Read the rest of this entry »

TM1 Tutorials remodelled with added analytics

I’m pleased to announce that TM1 has had a complete rebuild and today we have launched the new site, just in time for IBM Information On Demand (IOD). Please head on over to the new and improved TM1 and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! You can also track our progress at IOD by following @TM1Tutorials on twitter.

The new TM1 Tutorials website is now focuses on the IBM Business Analytics solution stack consisting of:

  • IBM Cognos TM1
  • IBM Cognos BI
  • IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

We have our data-scientist Vangelis working hard on some really impressive SPSS Predictive Analytics tutorials, the first of which has been added to the archives.

How to use SPSS Modeler and Time Series algorithms to forecast revenues – Vangelis K

I hope the changes will help to better support you in your analytical adventures! As always, if you have any feedback please contact us.

IBM Cognos Express 10.2.1 What’s new

IBM Cognos Express 10.2.1 is out. Here is a list of what is new:

1. The first notable change is that Cognos Express is on the same version with Cognos Enterprise. This means that integrated under the hood you will find:

  • Cognos BI version,
  • TM1 version 10.2 and
  • Cognos insight 10.2.1.

This also means all the bug fixes and improvements and new features introduced in the enterprise platforms are present here.

New features like:

  • Cognos TM1 Scorecarding,
  • RAVE charting engine
  • Cognos TM1 mobile contributor app for the Apple iPad
  • TM1RunTI, a command line tool that can run TM1 TI processes
  • New TM1 Web
  • New Performance Modeler
  • … and more!

2. IBM Cognos mobile is fully supported.

Users can interact with Cognos Express via their mobile devices, smartphones or tablets. They can view reports, dashboards and active reports from everywhere.

3. Cognos Express now supports Microsoft Analysis Services (MSAS) data sources. More specifically it supports MSAS 2008 and MSAS 2012.

4. New installation wizard consistent with the other versions of Cognos.

5. IBM Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer (DQA) is now available for Cognos Express.

6. IBM Cognos Analytic Server (ICAS) Operations Console. Or else TM1 Top Utility on steroids. The ICAS Operations Console is installed as part of the standard installation and is run from a web browser.

7. Cognos for MS Office add-in capable of retrieving content from Cognos reports, is now available

8. Support of new operating systems, Windows 8 32 and 64 bit and Windows 2012.

9. In Cognos Express 10.2.1 Advisor and Data Advisor are deprecated. This means that they are available in the current release, but will not be available in future releases.


Below is table that sheds some light on the three different versions of IBM Cognos.

Table 1. Comparison of the key capabilities of Cognos Insight, Cognos Express, and Cognos Enterprise
Key capabilities Cognos Insight Cognos Express Cognos Enterprise
Dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Analysis Yes Yes Yes
What-if scenario modeling Yes Yes Yes
Planning and budgeting Yes Yes Yes
Production reports Yes Yes
Microsoft Office integration Yes Yes
Support for Apple iPad Yes Yes
Support for other mobile devices Yes Yes
Enterprise-wide collaboration 100 User Limit Yes
Scorecarding Yes Yes Yes
Software Development Kit Yes Yes




Interim Fix For TM1 10.2

IBM has just released an interim fix for TM1 10.2 and provides important corrections. According to IBM this fix should be applied to all installations.

It includes the following fixes:

Number Description
PM97736 PM does not respond after opening a view that was migrated in from a Cognos Planning application
PM97742 Default sandbox data does not appear on a node when two nodes are open and edits made in another node
PM65978 ISB: problem with date-format

What’s the difference between Fix packs and Interim fixes:

Fix packs and interim fixes provide important changes and enhancements that might affect your product usage.

Fix packs

A fix pack is a cumulative collection of fixes. Fix packs are made available periodically. Fix packs are typically available for all platforms.

Interim fixes

An interim fix is a cumulative collection of fixes that arise between fix packs. Interim fixes are typically supplied in response to specific customer reported problems and they are available for a subset of platforms.