Spark – TM1 Monitor

InfoCube Spark provides TM1 Administrators with visibility and notifications about what their TM1 Servers are doing via a web page which is accessible from anywhere. It provides TM1 Administrators with essential information about user activity queues and events which occur in Development or as part of Business as Usual on a TM1 server.


  • Connect to Multiple TM1 Servers of Different Versions.
  • Monitor as many TM1 Servers as you have.
  • Monitor User Idle Time as well as Standard Activity Time.
  • Keep a complete history of all server logs in the cloud.
  • Server Monitor Dashboard which displays all active server information.

Coming Features:

  • Broadcast Messages to all users on a Server.
  • Notifications if/when a Server Stops Communicating with Clients (Server Shutdown or Crash)
  • Notifications when more than a definable amount of users (default is 1) are waiting in a queue on the TM1 Server.

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  1. Neetha says:

    I am looking for element level and grand parent in TM1 perspective.Please help me.


  2. Satya says:

    HI Team,
    This Satya ,I am Looking for TM1 TI Monitor

    Pls let me know process

    Linked in :Satyanarayana Bhamidipati

  3. Vineet says:

    I’ve been working on a problem and I have this pressing issue while automating a process. I need to update values while connected to TM1 in excel and at the same time I also need to run Excel VBA for reading these values. Apparently I cannot run VBA while TM1 is running. Could you please help me figure this out.

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