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IBM Cognos Express 10.2.1 What’s new

IBM Cognos Express 10.2.1 is out. Here is a list of what is new: 1. The first notable change is that Cognos Express is on the same version with Cognos Enterprise. This means that integrated under the hood you will find: Cognos BI version, TM1 version 10.2 and Cognos insight 10.2.1. This also means […]

Want to try IBM Cognos TM1 Mobile Contributor?

Since we don’t all have spare servers hanging about, TM1 Tutorials have set up a sample TM1 10.2 environment which you can use to sample the new free IBM Cognos TM1 Mobile Contributor application! To get the credentials for our sample server sent to your email address click here. You can find IBM Cognos TM1 Mobile […]

IBM Cognos TM1 and Express Monitoring

The first in our series of Spark related YouTube Videos. Make TM1 Administration a day at the beach! Take a look here now: a day at the beach Username: tester Password: abc123  

InfoCube Spark v1.2 – TM1 Minor Error Logs

Version 1.2 of InfoCube Spark has just been released. To our loyal clients: This should patch itself so theres no action required on your side. New Features: TM1 Server.log interrogator. You can now browse and filter the TM1Server.log from all monitored TM1 Application Servers.  New Page on Spark! Minor Error Logs are now incorporated into the Spark, […]

InfoCube Spark – An Introduction

In 2005 Google Launched Google Analytics – a platform for analyzing website traffic by geography, source, keywords and 114 other dimensions. This free value-add platform is now used in 55% of the top 10,000 websites and used by 55% of fortune 500 companies who quickly realized that more timely insights which are more widely accessible […]

Messaging users of IBM Cognos TM1

Did you know that you can send messages to your users through TM1? You would be surprised how many people don’t realise that its possible – and easy!!! 1. Open TM1 Server Explorer (Perspectives) 2. Right click on your server and select “Server Manager”. From here you can actually do a few things like: Disconnecting Users and […]

Automating Data Transfers between TM1 Servers

Replicating a Cube from a one TM1 Server into another has never been easier. Follow the steps below to copy a cube from one server to another (this includes synchronising TM1 Dimensions). This process uses the ODBO Provider for TM1 and generated MDX. I was going to show how to create an MDX Query for the desired […]

TM1 10.1 – IBM Cognos Insight Review Pt 2

In the first part of this review we had a look at the workings of IBM Cognos Insight and how it can effortlessly “munch down” a multitude of file formats an “crap out” a sexy looking dashboard. The scariest part of this is that it really works – and it looks great! The Pro’s Instant […]

InfoCube and Daptech to Merge

InfoCube, a Sydney-based management accounting and business analytics specialist, and enterprise planning software experts Daptech will merge their businesses to create InfoCube Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd. Commencing trading on July 9, the new entity will continue to provide clients such as Woolworths, Goodman Fielder, News Limited, Schneider and Hunter Douglas with superior Cognos service and […]