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The definitive guide to TM1 Security with examples

Security in TM1 is one of those things that can make a TM1 administrator go crazy over new requirements or over setting up a new user. Things do not get better with reading the documentation, which does not cover all aspects or the security inner workings. In the following post, the TM1 security is peeled […]

Fixed Width File Format from TM1

When outputting data from TM1 usually we can get away with comma separated values format. Which is standard functionality from a Turbo Integrator process [See ASCIIOutput, TextOutput functions]. Every now and then we need to interface with a ERP system which requires Fixes Width Fields. This presents a few problems, not insurmountable but still not expressly easy either. The […]

Monte Carlo simulation with TM1

A bit about Vangelis: Hi, I am Vangelis, I am from Greece and now I live in Sydney Australia. Currently, I’ m working as a consultant at Infocube Consulting. I have expertise in IBM Cognos products, BI and TM1 and also in mathematics and statistics. My academic background consists of a BSc in Mathematics, MSc […]

InfoCube Spark v1.2 – TM1 Minor Error Logs

Version 1.2 of InfoCube Spark has just been released. To our loyal clients: This should patch itself so theres no action required on your side. New Features: TM1 Server.log interrogator. You can now browse and filter the TM1Server.log from all monitored TM1 Application Servers.  New Page on Spark! Minor Error Logs are now incorporated into the Spark, […]

Your Lifeline, The TM1 Transaction Log

Super-Undo – backing out transactions in TM1 is not at all difficult. First of all here is the view of the Salary cube with data: And one after the data is accidentally flushed out: There are 2 ways to navigate to the Transaction Log window through TM1 Perspectives: Click on your Server name from the […]

Removing old TM1 Servers from “Services”

When upgrading a clients environment to IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 I noticed a bunch of older TM1 Services. A quick google reveals that you can remove services by using the following command line: sc delete “Service Name” Note: If you have a TM1 Service setup as: “TM1 Server x64 / Production Server” you will use […]

Messaging users of IBM Cognos TM1

Did you know that you can send messages to your users through TM1? You would be surprised how many people don’t realise that its possible – and easy!!! 1. Open TM1 Server Explorer (Perspectives) 2. Right click on your server and select “Server Manager”. From here you can actually do a few things like: Disconnecting Users and […]

Sending Emails from TM1 (Part 1: Plain Text)

Sending Emails from TM1 – Using HTML Problem: Although some additional components of TM1 have built-in email functionality, TM1 does not have email functionality built into its ETL Engine. Solution Process: Within a TI Process output text to a file to be used as the body of the email to be sent. Execute an email […]

3 Cardinal Rules of Sustainable TM1 Development

Never use Names or Descriptions as Elements. This is because change is inevitable, one day that account name will change, and with how TM1 stores data against elements the chances are that a new account will be added with the new name and your data will change paths, starting in the old account name and […]