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TM1 Tutorials Consultation – Ben Hill

When I started this site as a freelancer I was happy to cater to the need for non biased technical resources which solve real world problems. Back in Jul 2012 I joined InfoCube Consulting (Australia) as Director and Principal Consultant with the intention of creating something bigger than myself. I’m happy to say that now […]

Neglected Functionality – Custom Rollups & Subset Consolidations

In this blog segment, we’ll look at value add features of the IBM Business Analytics software which are often overlooked and underused. In this article I’m going to explain Custom Rollups and Subset Consolidations within IBM Cognos TM1. Custom rollups are used to create a temporary user-defined consolidation element. It is a very useful, but […]

Exercise: TM1 Sales Cube Challenge

Design and build a cube to report on Sales based on the given file. Exercise Sales Data: Sales Sample Data.xls The solution design must cater for the following objectives: Enables reporting of Units Sold, Gross and Net Sales Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold and Gross Margin as a Percentage of Gross Sales. Enables reporting by Month, Country, […]